You know that dumb old saying "if you don't like the weather in New York, wait ten minutes it will change" which people use everywhere except Honolulu, San Diego and Miami as if the weather in their city was special and unique? Well, this weekend's weather will bring a bit of truth to the cliche in the Big Apple. Thanks to a warm front that's passed through town we've got us an unusally sticky, warm fall day today. Look for a high in the mid 80s.

Tomorrow's high will again be in the mid 80s but it will be a dry heat. A cold front will sweep the moisture away late tonight but cooler air won't arrive until Sunday.

The National Weather Service's nerdy forecast discussion says there's a "large bust potential" for Sunday and Monday. That got us excited until we realized they meant there's a good chance the forecast for early next week will be wrong. Sunday is expected to be cool, with a high only around 70, and either sunny or rainy. Rain is more likely Monday or Tuesday as the moisture from tropical storm Matthew gets sucked north out of the tropics.