Hey all you rain fans, this nightmarish stretch of nine days with barely a cloud in the sky will come crashing to an end tonight. First up, though, is a mostly sunny day as a high pressure system hugs the East Coast for a few more hours. With low humidity and a southerly breeze the high should be up around 80 degrees for most of the city. Mid 70s are a better bet closer to the ocean.

Tomorrow, oh, tomorrow is just a mess. It looks like the jet stream is going to kink into a deep trough of low pressure over the Midwest. That will a) pull lots of warm, humid air up from the Gulf Coast and b) produce a strong low pressure system over the Great Lakes. As those two things start to collide they will produce lots of rain along the East Coast. Look for showers and thunderstorms to develop Tuesday morning and last until Wednesday afternoon. Some of those thunderstorms will contain gusty winds and heavy rains, with the heaviest rain expected tomorrow night. A couple of inches of rain could fall on the city before the storm moves through.

The cold front is expected to arrive sometime on Wednesday, bringing a halt to any rain and ushering in cooler weather. Look for a high only around 70 degrees. Thursday and Friday should be somewhat warmer and plenty sunny.