A cold front moved through the city last night and drier air started arriving early this morning, setting us up for a very pleasant start to the weekend. With high pressure centered over Lake Ontario we can expect lots of sun and a high right around the normal of 84 degrees this afternoon. Look for the same tomorrow but with slightly higher humidity. The clear skies will make for perfect Manhattanhenge viewing conditions both days. As a bonus, tomorrow night will feature a supermoon which occurs when the full moon coincides with the point in moon's orbit that takes it closest to Earth.

As the surface high continues to move eastward, we'll have to deal with our next weather-maker: the cheap imitation of a polar vortex. Seriously, fellow weather people, you are misleading people by calling this thing a polar vortex when it is obviously just a trough, albeit an especially deep one for July, and completely unrelated to the polar vortex. Furthermore, by making the chuckleheaded, strained and erroneous comparison, you are completely missing the more significant part of the forecast. Namely an extended heat wave for much of the western US and Canada.

Anyway, this trough will let unusually cold weather dip into the Midwest for a couple days next week and it will be positioned to give us on the East Coat several days of unsettled weather. We can expect humid conditions, daily highs in the mid to upper 80s, and at least a decent shot at afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms from Sunday through next Wednesday.