A cool north breeze is producing whitecaps on the Hudson this morning, a sure sign that a cold front passed through town yesterday. Behind that front sits a huge high pressure system centered over Michigan. That high will bring us mostly clear skies through the entire Labor Day weekend.

This afternoon's high will be around 80 degrees. Tomorrow will probably warm to the mid 80s. As the high moves eastward the winds will start coming out of the south and we'll see highs right around 90 degrees on Friday and Saturday. A dry cold front is expected to cool things down Saturday night. As of now it looks like Sunday and Monday will have mostly clear skies and highs in the lower 80s. The next chance of rain won't be until late-Monday or even Tuesday.

Next week's rain will probably be left over moisture from the remnants of Hurricane Isaac. Ike came ashore yesterday evening, retreated and crossed over to land west of New Orleans again this morning. Because the storm is moving so slowly it is dumping tremendous amounts of rain on top of a 10-12 foot high storm surge. The storm is expected to move toward eastern Oklahoma before recurving over the Midwest.