meta_nemegi_triboro.jpgToday's weather action is all from a low pressure system that's centered near Hudson's Bay and a few miles up in the atmosphere. A disturbance being tossed around by that low has brought clouds to the city this morning and maybe a sprinkle or two this afternoon. There's a good band of rain stretching from Pittsburgh into New Hampshire. Dry air at lower levels of the atmosphere will minimize any rainfall around the city.

Skies should clear this evening as a cool Canadian air mass invades the region. Tomorrow and Sunday should be pretty doggone nice days with highs in the mid 60s. Perfect for enjoying the Atlantic Antic or standing in line at an Open House New York venue. Clear skies and dry air will allow for lots of radiational cooling at night. The city could see lows in the 40s on Sunday night, while the suburbs may cool into the 30s. Heck, if you're in Lake Placid Sunday night you might even see a bit of snow. Monday's high will barely crack the 60 degree mark in the city.
Triborough Bridge by meta nemegi on Flickr