Fall weather keeps inching its way into our lives this week. This morning's low of 53 degrees was the coldest it has been since early June, and we may get a degree or two cooler than that tonight. High pressure is sitting on top of the city and clear, dry air will let lots of heat escape to space tonight. Before then we should have a mostly sunny day with a high in the upper 60s.

After a dry start, tomorrow will get warmer and more humid as the high pressure system moves eastward and the wind starts coming out of the south. Look for a high in the lower 70s under sunny skies. Clouds will build up late Tuesday night as a Canadian cold front starts running into the humid air. Wednesday could see a shower or even a thunderstorm but we aren't holding our breath for a significant amount of rain.

The cold front should be out of here by late Wednesday which means Thursday should be fine and dandy. That would be mostly sunny with a high in the lower 70s. Friday will be just a touch less fine and a smidgen less dandy. The last weekend of September is looking a bit cooler and maybe rainy, but it is too soon to tell with any confidence.