Brooklyn Bridge just before sunset last night from Montag007 on Flickr

There's been at least a trace of rain every day since last Friday. That wet streak will be broken today and clear skies should prevail through much of the Memorial Day weekend. Today and tomorrow share the same forecast - sunny, breezy and slightly cooler than normal, with highs around 70 degrees. The wet spell has been accompanied by an even longer run of cool weather. May is now running more than three degrees cooler than average!

The city finally begins to warm again on Sunday. More sun is in store, the wind should die down, and the high should reach the mid-70s. There is a slight, and we do mean slight, chance of a stray shower on Sunday afternoon. A southerly breeze kicks in on Monday, warming things up to around 80. The downside to having sunny weather after a week of rain is grass pollen counts climbing through the roof.

Current projections have a strong cold front arriving Monday night or Tuesday. As the front approaches the chance of showers or thundershowers will increase. Before the showers arrive Mother Nature will have given us great weather to wish the Brooklyn Bridge a happy birthday or to catch a game at Yankee Stadium.