Kind of a Jekyll and Hyde weather situation shaping up for the week ahead. Dr. Jekyll shows itself today and tomorrow with plenty of sun and warmth. Look for unseasonably warm highs around 80 degrees today and a bit warmer tomorrow. The fair weather is courtesy of a Midwestern high pressure system today and a high coming down from New England tomorrow.

The latter high pressure system plays a role in turning the weather into Mr. Hyde. Air circulates clockwise around high pressure. A high sitting over New England will directly easterly winds toward New Amsterdam, changing the weather's personality to cool and wet beginning on Wednesday. Look for cloudy skies and a chance of rain from then until at least Friday. Highs for the latter half of the week will only be in the upper 60s.

It's too early to tell what's happening for the weekend. The cool streak will most likely continue but there's disagreement on whether the clouds and rain will stay or if the sky begins to clear.