The radar is feeling ill at the local National Weather Service office out near Riverhead. Luckily, there's no rain, and hardly even clouds, in the forecast for the next several days. As long as the big high pressure system sits to our west, the city and surrounding regions are in for lots of cool dry weather. Today and tomorrow should both see highs in the upper 40s and lows in the mid 30s.

Slightly warmer weather arrives for the weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all expected to warm to around 50. Clouds may start rolling in on Sunday as another storm starts moving up the coast.

Radar isn't very helpful in predicting storms several days in advance so for now the downtime isn't that big a deal. Where radar is handy is when a storm draws near and the forecaster needs a better picture of where the heavy precipitation is, or if the rain is changing over to sleet or snow. As of now neither of those are of concern as this storm is expected far enough off the coast to just give us some light rain early next week.