Yesterday's PATH Train derailment left a few hundred stranded for 2 hours, but no one was injured. One of the cars in the middle of a 2:55PM train going from Hoboken to Penn Station derailed, so another PATH train had to be dispatched to evacuate the 300 passengers, who were taken back to Hoboken. There goes those NYC plans!

One passenger told the Post, "Everybody got a pretty good jolt. The cops, everyone, were very professional. No one wants to be stuck in a tunnel for two hours, but what are you going to do?" It's lucky the derailment happened on a Sunday afternoon - if it happened today, there would be a lot more chaos.

A PATH spokesman said that the train car's wheels had come off the track, but there's no explanation for that yet. While service between Hoboken and Penn Station was suspended after the incident, it seems to be back to normal for the weekday commute.