The weather has gotten into the Labor Day spirit and decided not to work this week. Tomorrow will be a near-repeat of today. A weak cold front will cool us down slightly midweek. Highs on Wednesday and Thursday will be in the upper-70s. It should be warmer by the end of the week when the center of a high pressure system sits to our east. The National Weather Service says it will warm up to 90 on Friday and Saturday. Gothamist has no idea why they think it will get that warm. The Weather Channel's low-80s by Friday prediction seems more realistic to us. All in all an excellent week for the U.S. Open.

Much more interesting weather is taking place in the tropics. Hurricane Felix has zoomed up to a category 4 storm with sustained winds of 143 miles an hour. Felix is expected to strengthen to a category 5 storm by the time it comes ashore near the border between Honduras and Nicaragua. Another tropical disturbance sits way east of Felix in the middle of the Atlantic and a low pressure system off the coast of Georgia bears watching over the next couple of days.

Sunset Pier by shveckle on Flickr