shustersc_sunset.jpgSunset by shustersc on Flickr

Good-bye gray skies. The sun returned yesterday afternoon, a half-day earlier than expected. The clear skies should stick around until tomorrow afternoon. Today's high will approach 70 degrees and tomorrow should be a few degrees warmer.

Returning with the sun is tree pollen. This week's culprits are oak, birch and maple trees. According to, which doesn't let us link directly to their forecast, the pollen count is expected to remain high through Thursday.

That forecast may be for naught if the slight chance of rain comes true tomorrow night or Wednesday. A pair of weak cold fronts may kick off showers Tuesday evening and again on Wednesday. The first front won't have much of a cooling effect, Wednesday's high will be in the lower 70s, but Thursday's high should only be in the mid-60s.

You can tell we are well into spring by the way the atmosphere starts getting lazy. Wednesday's cold front is expected to stall out. That will likely produce several days of uncertain weather. A mix of sun and clouds, heavy on the clouds, and a chance of showers are currently in the offing for the latter half of the week.