Chrissie Brodigan, the pug owner whose shocking arrest gripped the city this summer, has had her final ticket dismissed. Issued for disorderly conduct because Brodigan was vehemently arguing with arresting officer Joel Witriol, the ticket was ultimately tossed today because it was written incorrectly (as were the other two, in addition to being manually altered after the fact). Brodigan's lawyer speculates that Witriol may have intentionally made mistakes on the tickets so they would be dismissed on a technicality and ensure that Brodigan could not challenge the charges on their merits.

Brodigan has filed a complaint with the CCRB over the incident, as have two witnesses. But she tells us, "There's no real satisfaction in having the charges dismissed because the tickets were written incorrectly; rather, the real issue is that they should have been dismissed because they were unlawful and in violation of my civil rights."

Brodigan ultimately lost her job at Plum TV in the fallout from affair; the termination may have been prompted by unsubstantiated witness accounts published by the Post, claiming that Brodigan shouted anti-Semitic slurs against Officer Witriol, who is one of the city's only Hasidic cops. But the Post's only attributed source, Viane Delgado, has yet to come forward to defend her shocking comments about Brodigan. Viane! Speak now or forever hold your peace inside some tabloid hack's imagination.