Today may be the last hot day of a summer with few hot days. A westerly breeze will push the afternoon high into the upper 80s. Tonight, a cold front will move south from Canada, bringing with it a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. More importantly, it appears that the front's passage will kill any chance of hot weather for the next couple of weeks.

Sunny skies will return behind the front tomorrow but the high will barely reach 80. Clouds will build on Friday ahead of Tropical Storm Danny, which may be a minimal hurricane by then. It is too soon to tell with much certainty but it looks like Danny will scoot up the east coast a bit closer than Hurricane Bill did last week.

Assuming Danny behaves as expected the city will be in for a rainy weekend. For now plan on shower and thunderstorms, some of which will have heavy rain, from Friday night through Saturday night. The cloud cover and rainfall will keep the temperatures down in the mid 70s Friday and Saturday before rebounding on Sunday.