Yesterday's high of 84 degrees came within two degrees of tying the record high at Central Park. Record highs were set at JFK, LaGuardia, Islip, and Newark, but all of those stations have been taking observations for a much shorter time than the park so records there aren't as impressive. Although the ridge of high pressure that's produced all the sunshine and warmth is beginning to flatten, this afternoon will still see another summer-like day with highs in the lower to mid 80s across the region. A few thin cirrus clouds may build in over the course of the day but they won't much affect the temperature.

That high pressure system will continue to shrink and move northeastward so tomorrow won't be quite as warm nor as sunny. An expected high in the mid 70s is still ten degrees warmer than normal. That won't be the case on Wednesday! Low pressure's going run up the coast, bringing clouds, rain and an easterly breeze that will keep the temperature in the mid 60s, which sounds cool but is normal for mid-October.

More rain is likely on Thursday and maybe even Friday. The coastal low will leave but will drag in a storm from the Midwest. The temperature might rebound to the lower 70s for a couple of days but a cold front on Friday will set the stage for a sunny and seasonable weekend.