Two days and thirty degrees. Wednesday's high hit 100 degrees. That's the 60th time since 1870 that a triple-digit temperature has been measured in Central Park. It's a different story today, where we'll be lucky to see the lower 70s this afternoon. Today's rainy and cool weather is the result of an unsummerlike low pressure system developing off the Mid-Atlantic Coast. Alert Gothamist weather watchers will have noticed that we've got winds out of the east near the surface even though the radar shows the storm's rainfall field moving in the opposite direction.

Rain is going to last all day today and into the night as the storm develops and moves out to sea. Northeasterly winds behind the storm should gradually swing around to the east and eventually southeast as the day progresses tomorrow. That will give us a cloudy start to the morning with perhaps some clearing toward evening. Look for Saturday's high to be right around 80 degrees.

Sunday's looking a bit more like late July. The sun will return and the city should warm to the lower or middle 80s. Sunny skies won't last too long as it looks like showers and thunderstorms will return for Monday and Tuesday.