What happened to all the rain? Well, we did get enough on Friday to make 2011 ninth rainiest year ever recorded. You can see why the weekend didn't turn out as rainy as expected on the satellite image of water vapor. That line of green, blue and orange off the coast is along the front that wound up just a bit further east than expected. The big swirly comma over the Midwest is the upper-level low that's been hanging out there for almost a week now. Most of the water vapor over the city is near the surface, hence the morning fog and sticky conditions. Once you get above the ground there's a big area of sinking air, and that subsidence is putting the kibosh on significant cloud development today. As a result we've got summer hanging on for one more day with a humid mix of sun and clouds and a high around 80.

More humidity and warmth is expected tomorrow before that coastal front shifts into reverse and heads this way as a warm front. Tuesday will again have a high near 80 with a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Rain is more likely tomorrow night and Wednesday as the front hangs around the neighborhood.

The atmosphere looks like it will finally get enough roughage in its system to dislodge that turd of a cut-off low beginning late Wednesday. Once that thing gets moving we are going to see a big change in the weather. After a couple of cold fronts we'll be lucky to see 60 degrees on Saturday.