Manhattanhenge 2008 by David Reeves on Flickr

Look up. You see those wispy high cirrus clouds out there? They are harbingers of doom, or at least a rainy Saturday. Before then today will bring another promise of summer with a max temperature flirting with 80 degrees and a mostly sunny sky. The change will begin after bar-closing time tonight. That's when a warm front will pass through the city. Once it does, there will be an increasing chance of showers through the day tomorrow. Showers and thundershowers are expected to be widespread by Saturday afternoon. Be aware that there's a slight chance that some of the thunderstorms could produce high winds and hail.

Tomorrow's storminess is another sign that summer is quickly approaching. The low pressure system responsible will be passing through the St. Lawrence Valley, way to the north of the Big Apple. The city will only see the dangling ends of the warm and cold fronts spiking off the storm's center. Saturday night's cold front won't bring much cool air, making Sunday a nice day for outdoor activities, although grass pollen will be peaking. Expect sunny skies and a high in the upper-70s. Sunny, warm conditions should continue into early next week.

This year we are getting a two-for-one special on Manhattanhenge! In yesterday's sunset the streets were aligned with the sunset while the sun was half above and half below the horizon. If you look tonight, and the clouds should hold off until later, you'll see the full disk of the sun sitting on top of the horizon. Technically that's not sunset but it'll still look cool. For the next few weeks apartments with north facing windows will get direct evening sun.