wednesday thunderstormsJudging from this afternoon's weather it will seem more like mid-July than early October. The source of today's warmth is a pool of hot air that is being pulled up from the southern plains ahead of an approaching cold front. Central Park's record high temperature for this date is 88 degrees set in 1941. It is unlikely to get that warm, but LaGuardia's record of 85 degrees is vulnerable.

The warm air will disappear with a bang as thunderstorms are expected this evening. Bring your umbrella if you're going to either of the baseball games tonight. We will cool down considerably once the cold front sweeps through tonight. Today's high will be in the lower- to mid-80s. Tomorrow we'll be lucky to see 65. Daily maximum temperatures are usually reached in the afternoon, when heating from the sun is greatest. Depending on the cold front's timing, tomorrow's high temperature may be reached just after midnight. The cool weather plans to stay with us at least through Saturday.

Wednesday dramatic "clash zone" weather graphic from