2005_07_cindy.jpgNo, not a refreshing gazpacho. The air outside is more like a thin, tepid potato-leek. Maybe Gothamist should leave the metaphor and simile writing to professionals. Whatever flavor, the soup is going to be here for the rest of the week.

There's a cold front practically on top of us today as the Bermuda High to our south and a Canadian High to our north duke it out. The presence of the front means there's a chance for rain. The rain, if it comes, is likely be heavy since the air is full of moisture. The Canadian High will eventually triumph over Bermuda giving us another nice weekend, but not before the interloper known as the remnants of tropical storm Cindy gets us all wet late-Friday into Saturday.

Speaking of this weekend, the National Weather Service Forecast Office is having their Open House on Sunday at Brookhaven National Labs on eastern Long Island. Be there at 3:30 for a weather balloon launch!