Today promises to give us a sneak preview of summer weather. A massive high pressure system has been to our west the past few days. That's kept things coolish and dry. The high has finally moved out to sea so now we're getting warm, moist air out of the south as testified by the rapid rise in dew points that started yesterday. Today will turn out sunny, warm and humid. We can expect a bit of fog tonight as the dew points continue to rise and the air does its diurnal cooling thing.

The warm weather should stick around for a few days. Highs will reach the upper-70s through Friday. With heat, humidity, and an approaching low pressure system, hit-or-miss showers and thundershowers are likely to pop up beginning tomorrow afternoon. Currently, Friday looks like the best bet for a thunderstorm as a strong cold front approaches. At this point it doesn't look like the thunderstorms will be severe, but a bit of rain would lower the high pollen count.

Friday evening's cold front will whoosh all the heat and humidity out of here. Saturday and Sunday will be excessively pleasant. Under mostly sunny skies the high temperatures will be around 70 degrees both days.