accuwx_sfc_420.gifWe are getting a sneak peek at summer today as warm air streams up from the Gulf Coast ahead of a cold front. Gothamist wanted to wear shorts to work today but we were not awake enough to actually find them. Anyway, the Weather Service and both think we'll get up into the mid-80s or warmer today. AccuWeather is being uncharacteristically conservative, only calling for a maximum temperature of 80.

No matter what our maximum temperature it is going to get breezy as the cold front approaches later today. The wind, the warm air, and the dry ground are conspiring to produce a severe risk of fire weather. The Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for this afternoon and early evening. A Red Flag Warning means that there is an "imminent danger of severe fire weather with a relatively high probability of occurrence". Brush fires aren't a big problem in Manhattan, but at the Office of Emergency Management explains, they are a concern for the other four boroughs and the suburbs.

Gothamist has mentioned a cold front a couple of times. Sad but true, our abnormally warm weather is comes to an end tonight. Starting tomorrow our temperatures will be back to normal, or well below normal depending on which forecast you believe in.

Surface weather map from