The summer solstice was a month ago, but around these parts it takes about a month for the annual temperature curve to reach a peak. July 23rd, on average, is a degree cooler than today. We're on our way to winter! Individual years don't necessarily follow that curve too closely and this year is no exception. The thermometer reached 90 degrees twice in late April and has failed to repeat that acheivement since then.

How uncommon is the lack of 90 degree days? It's definitely on the low side. In a normal year Central Park would have already reached 90 degrees 8-10 times. Over the last 30 years the city has gone over 90 about 17 times/year. The last time there were so few hot days was 2004 and before that we have to go back to 1901, which only had one day reach 90. August averages about five 90 degree days.

The high today will again stay below normal despite the sunny skies. Clouds will thicken overnight as a weak front displaces today's weak high pressure system. The front likely means another round of rain starting tomorrow afternoon and lasting through Friday. The sun should return briefly on Saturday before another string of unsettled weather begins anew.