Did you feel it? Did you feel the summer solstice this morning? Yes, the earth reached the point in its orbit where the Northern Hemisphere is most tilted toward the sun, giving those of us on the top half of the planet our longest day of the year. It'll be a hot one, too, with highs close to 90 under sunny skies.

The whole first week of summer looks like it will be appropriately warm. The coolest day will probably be tomorrow, when the high is expected to reach 85. There may be a few high clouds tomorrow afternoon to signal the approach of a warm front. As the warm front gets closer on Wednesday we can expect more clouds, scattered showers and perhaps a thunderstorm across the region. Good thing it is Lightning Safety Week. Wednesday's high will rebound to an unpleasantly steamy 90.

The muggy weather should continue into Thursday but a drier air mass is expected by Friday. The week should end on a sunny note with highs in the upper 80s through Sunday. If the ten-day forecast proves accurate, June will be the fourth straight month to have an average temperature amongst the ten warmest on record.