It's a race! Will today be the first day of the summer above 90 degrees? It all depends on who wins the heating battle. There's more than enough heat behind the warm front that has moved north through the city to warm us into the 90s. However, there's a good chance the unstable atmosphere will produce enough clouds to hold back the high temperature. The balancing point looks to be the lower 90s over much of the city, with slightly lower temperatures right along the shore. Central and southern New Jersey are likely to see highs in the mid 90s and a heat index in the lower 100s. Because this has been a cool summer, today's heat will seem worse than usual. The NYC Office of Emergency Management has tips on how to stay cool.

The heat and humidity, of course, means there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Look for scattered storms this afternoon and more widespread showers tonight and tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be mostly cloudy, which will probably keep the high to the upper 80s.

A cold front should push away the moisture late tomorrow. That will set the stage for a very pleasant mid-week. Look for Wednesday and Thursday to be mostly sunny and dry with highs in the mid 80s.