It's hovering around 82 degrees and sunny today, and who among us is not fantasizing about spending an idyllic summer evening—hell, morning—with a nice bottle of something containing alcohol? It's an impulse as old as time, and you know those meddling kids are feeling it too. The sun-lager correlation affects young and old alike, which is why state Sen. Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) wants to make sure bar owners aren't getting duped into serving underage customers.

Klein is hopping on the Post-paved band wagon and taking it upon himself to curb the high school-aged hop-laden beast. "Nearly 44% of high school students are drinking alcohol," Klein tells the Daily News. "And fake IDs are helping them do it." While we're unsure why the pollsters responsible for this laughably low statistic are still employed, we're equally skeptical about Klein's master plan to develop a "Training for Intervention Procedures" class where "Participants will learn how to avoid selling to underage New Yorkers, and how to identify and deal with an intoxicated patron."

Bars probably wouldn't mind suggestions for getting belligerent drunks to take it easy, but learning how not to sell to the underage set seems more like a matter of will, not skill. Maybe the city can find an army of interns who are willing to socially self-destruct in the name of civil service.