Image - TWC still by meNo offense, Fleshbot, but it's obvious that there are only two real babes covering Hurricane Ivan. Jim Cantore can crawl back into the scary gym teacher corner from whence he came: I'm talking about CNN's Bill Hemmer and TWC's Mike Bettes.

If you ever fantasized about what Bill Hemmer would look like if he shed the doofy man-glasses and starchy suit and bought you a Mind Eraser at the Florabama, your wish has been granted. Hemmer actually looks relaxed in the khaki, windbreaker and baseball cap combo CNN has him sporting on Mobile Bay. He could definitely pass for a Spring Hill Communications major looking for his big break. They cut to him during Inside Politics and though I know he said "Hey, Judy," I swore he said "Hey, Cutie." Hey yourself...Billy.

Mike Bettes, though, is not looking too shabby in his Gore-Tex uniform out there in Pensacola. Gothamist senses something vaguely Stephen Malkmus-y in his demeanor, if not his approach. (He seems to inherently understand that there can only be one diva allowed to romp freely through the cattails.) Plus, you have to love this comment from Jump the Shark:

...that glint in the eyes of Dave Schwartz and Mike Bettes every time they're onscreen together? Get a room, guys.

Though Gothamist Weather is brimming with Schwartzaholics (I'm looking at you, KP), I'm officially knighting Bettes my TWC hunk du temps. But seriously: check out Hemmer if you can. He's actually having fun. (Gasp.) Sadly, the party ends at nightfall: they're shipping Anderson Cooper down there for tonight's 360.