This is going to make an amazing roadside attraction one day (or perhaps an eatery in Hell's Kitchen?). The aircraft that Capt. Sullenberger gracefully landed in the Hudson River a year ago is now for sale at auction!

According to Wired, the US Airways Airbus 320 was taken into possession by the insurance company Chartis, who are now looking to unload it. Currently in Kearny, NJ — the craft comes in quite a bit of pieces; check out the lot on the auction page. And as the site points out, the formal description on the page doesn't do justice to what the plane was a part of. It simply says: "Aircraft suffered severe bird strike event resulting in water emergency landing." And buyer beware! There's "severe water damage throughout airframe."

Whoever may purchase the plane won't be able to fly it — on top of it being sort of a "fixer-upper," there are no engines or avionics. While no price is listed, the NY Post points out a similar Airbus A310 recently went for $2.6 million, and yielded $4 million after being sold off piece by piece. And maybe they could get a better price if they had Sully autograph it.