With all the hubbub about Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger making his long-awaited return to the skies after his miraculous splash landing of Flight 1549 by flying from Laguardia to Charlotte, North Carolina this afternoon, it turns out that Sully had to get to NYC some how. And that was by flying Flight 1050 from Charlotte to LGA at 7:55 a.m! The Daily News had a reporter and photographer onboard for the scoop.

According to reporter Helen Kennedy, the famous pilot said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Sullenberger," and "then had to wait for a huge wave of excited applause to die down... Passengers grinned at each other." One said, "I feel like I'm flying with angels... What a great omen. I mentioned him in my prayers last night. I told God I hoped I would get a pilot as good as Sully. This is an answer to my prayers," while another said, "It's good luck. I'm going to Atlantic City tonight. This must be my time to shine." Also: "I'm thrilled. We can land anywhere we want to! I'd prefer a runway, but whatever."

Now Sullenberger has landed in NYC for the publicity before he and Flight 1549 co-pilot Jeffrey Skiles take Flight 1427 to Charlotte. There's also a post-flight press event in Charlotte.