DNA, not a friend of criminals! As the Manhattan DA has its new cold case squad heating up old cases with new DNA evidence, the NYPD is off grabbing old criminals in new cases using the stuff. Just this week they busted a 72-year-old career criminal after his DNA was found on suede gloves left at the scene of a botched bank robbery.

Frank "Frankie Bones" Boehme—who served a 20-year sentence after shooting a father of four in a 1958 stickup-gone-wrong—was recently picked up in Pennsylvania and brought to Queens after his DNA matched the glove. The gloves were found in an HSBC on Northern Blvd. where robbers had cut a hole through the roof and another through safety deposit boxes. After an alarm was sounded, however, they exited promptly leaving behind not just the gloves but also a makeshift ladder, a nylon rope, a hammer, a flashlight, energy bars and Gatorade.

It is unclear if any money was stolen, but the bank is reporting a quarter-million in damages. If Boehme is convicted he's looking to spend up to seven more years in the slammer. In the meantime, you can put your Johnnie Cochran jokes in the comments.