A great Associated Press story about NYC's corporation counsel, Michael Cardozo and counsels past. What is a NYC corporation counsel, you ask? Well, it's the city's lawyer, in both "affirmative and defensive" actions, as the website says, and approves all the contracts that the City signs. And a fun fact: NYC is the most litigious city in the country, and the story has lots of bizarre lawsuit stories, like a the corporation counsel arguing that the jury award of $76 million for a gang member shot by a police officer was excessive, considering the gang member fired on the officer with a machine gun or the case of the blind man who drove a car and crashed into a barrier, claiming the the underpass should have been lighted better. Gothamist, being secret law nerds after many years of watching Matlock, L.A. Law, The Practice, and, of course, Law & Order, loves these stories.

It turns out the Cardozo is, in fact, a descendent of Bejamin Cardozo, the Supreme Court justice that the Law School on 5th Avenue and 12th Street is named after. And learn more about what the New York City Law Department does.