Yesterday, Hassan Malik confessed to the brutal killing of 28-year-old Betty Williams, after which he stuffed her body in a suitcase and left it on East 114th Street in East Harlem. But according to his police confession, she totally started it! After lying and saying that he just found Williams dead in his apartment, he then said that Williams was the one who came at him with a frying pan, hitting him twice on the shoulder. He then claims that in self defense he wrestled the frying pan from her hands and cracked her on the back of the head. The struggle continued, resulting in Malik strangling Williams to death.

Investigators say the murder was a trick gone wrong; they suspect Williams sparked the fight when she attempted to take more money from Malik. Williams had a history of prostitution, and both she and Malik had long rap sheets. His neighbors also say that he boasted of bringing women back to his apartment and stealing their credit cards. However, when asked by detectives, he did say he was sorry.

Malik was sentenced to five years' probation in April after pleading guilty to attempted robbery. He was arraigned on murder charges yesterday and held without bail. Which is a shame, says his lawyer, because he was set to start a job this week as a drug counselor.