2008_07_aiello2.jpgRachel Aiello, the widow of the ex-NYPD officer Jason Aiello, who was fatally shot in a shootout ruled "suicide by cop" this summer, is preparing to file a wrongful death suit against the city. The Advance reports that a successful motion to preserve 911 tapes of the incident filed by her lawyer last month stated, "[Aiello] was armed, but there was ample opportunity to disarm him without the use of deadly force." Police responded after Aiello had escaped from a psychiatric facility where he was being treated for bipolar disorder. There were immediate tensions between the family and the NYPD following the shooting with claims by the Aiellos that Rachel was holding the weapons that previously had been in her husband's possession and that Jason had never even fired at the cops. Both officers involved with the shooting are expected to go through the standard grand jury proceedings.