Yesterday, right during the evening rush hour, someone jumped in front of an F train at the West 4th Street station. As it turned out, Pretty in the City's Karyn was on a train and describes how the MTA handled the situation:

the train came to an abrupt stop. After a few seconds, the conductor came over the loud speaker and said, "We have a customer on the track." As it turns out, someone committed suicide by jumping in front of the train. The train was just entering the West 4th stop.

I was in the second to last car which wasn't in the station yet, so myself and the other passengers had to walk through all the cars to the front in order to get off the train. When we deboarded, the station was loaded with firemen and police officers, and they were looking under the train for the body, the person... it was so horrible. I didn't see any blood or anything - thank God - but there was a stretcher and other stuff.

The person was DOA. The police described the person as an "emotionally disturbed person"; there are no details today. Service was delayed for a while along the F line.

And on Sunday, a man's body was found in the subway tunnel along the C train tracks near the 116th and Eighth Avenue station. Authorities do not think the man was hit by a train.