[UPDATE BELOW] We're hearing reports that earlier this morning someone jumped to their death, possibly from atop Le Parker Meridien hotel on West 56th Street. There were plenty of unlucky people who stumbled across the aftermath on their morning commutes, one Tweeting, "This Morning I walked past a dead mangled body on 56th in front of the Le Parker Meridian. Someone jumped off the top of the hotel." Another noted that as of 10 a.m. there was still "something under a white sheet in front of the 56th Street entrance... something tells me it's not a pothole." We'll update when more information becomes available.

UPDATE: According to the NY Post, it was a 39-year-old Manhattan man who took his life this morning (just before 8 a.m.) on West 56th Street, jumping from the pool area on the 42nd floor of Le Parker Meridien Hotel. He wasn't a guest there, but gained access by asking employees to view the pool, which is in the hotel's Gravity Fitness Center.

Los Angeles Angels catcher Jeff Mathis told the paper: "I didn't even know what had happened but it's kind of scary to see [the aftermath]." For those who didn't see it, the paper reports back with disturbing details, noting "his body bounced off the curb and landed on West 56th Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues." A witness told them, "It was so loud I thought it was the facade of the building, but then I looked down and saw it wasn't debris. There was a face attached to it, and I couldn't believe it."