Investigators say the New Jersey teen who killed himself and two others in a suspected suicidal crash this week was driving nearly 100 miles per hour into oncoming traffic at the time of the collision, and no skidmarks were found at the scene, suggesting he made no attempt to stop the car.

Srijan Saha, a 15-year-old from Edison, NJ, was killed early Tuesday morning when he drove his parents' Honda Civic into oncoming traffic on Route 27, slamming head on into a Nissan Altima. The two passengers inside that car, Mohammed Zia, 46, and brother-in-law Ali Behzad, 36, were also killed in the crash—both lived in Edison, and were fathers with three children each.

Authorities say they found a suicide note scrawled on Saha's arm, and have since been investigating the crash as a suicide-homicide. That move is supported by the new evidence regarding Saha's speed at the time of the collision, and investigators say he hurtled into traffic without hitting the brakes.

At John P. Stevens High School, where Saha was a student, friends say they're shocked by his apparent suicide. "All I can say is that he was always happy, loved cars, was nice to everybody, loved telling jokes, and an amazingly talented artist," a friend told the Star-Ledger. "He had such a bright future, and we don’t have the right to point any fingers until the police tell us what was on the note on his arm."