Academy Award-winning composer and accused serial sexual assaulter Joseph Brooks is even a jerk in death, it seems. In his recently read will he deliberately made no provisions for any of his four kids. But you know who he did leave $250,000 to? His 30-year-old personal trainer.

Of coure the money may well never even get to Danielle Radosti, the bequeathed trainer in question who he called a "friend" in his will. Thanks to his lifestyle and legal troubles, Brooks, who won a 1977 Academy Award for the song "You Light Up My Life," was in serious financial troubles when he took his own life last month. In 2006 the songwriter had borrowed $2.4 million from former Morgan Stanley honcho Frederick Whittemore, putting his apartment up as collateral. And last year, a Washington state judge ordered Brooks to pay one of his victims $2 million.

To make matters even trickier, Brooks's son Nicholas—who is currently in jail awaiting trial (and mulling a plea deal) for the murder of Sylvie Cachay—was originally "the beneficiary of a large 'insurance trust' that Joseph set up for his son, but later used as collateral for a $300,000 loan." When Nicholas found about about the trust, he sued his dad and won a judgement for the money... which the family of Cachay are planning on making a play for.

We wonder if, considering the other big will read yesterday, Brooks' trainer wishes she had gotten into nursing.