Yesterday, Carmen Huertas appeared in court for the first time since overturning her car, injuring herself and her many young passengers (including her daughter), and killing her daughter's 11-year-old friend in October. Huertas, who faces vehicular manslaughter and DWI charges, had only appeared via a video link when she was initially charged, because she was still recovering from her injuries. Her lawyer said she remains a psychiatric ward and wants to kill herself, "She's tried to place objects around her neck," adding that she's an "emotional wreck."

Huertas was seen drinking before driving the girls from Chelsea to the Bronx and prosecutors said she taunted the girls about her bad driving. Still, two of the girls riding in Huertas' car showed up, apparently to support her—Huertas' sister told the Daily News, "[Her incarceration] is killing them inside." But the mother of another girl who was seriously injured was amazed that the girls would support Huertas, "I would never let [my daughter Kayla] come to court. She still thinks about her best friend [who was killed]. It is devastating."

The father of Leandra Rosado, who died in the incident and whose crusading helped NY State pass the country's toughest DWI law (it's a felony to drive drunk with a passenger under 15), was present. Lenny Rosado told the Post he doesn't want Huertas to kill herself, "That would be a cop out. She did the crime, she should pay the time. She needs to feel the pain. She gets to live and my daughter doesn't."