Finally, water pollution is paying off dividends: thanks to a 2008 settlement between the city and the state due to pollution problems incurred during the upgrade of the Newton Creek Wastewater sewage facility, $7 million will now be allocated for waterfront improvements throughout the already super-polluted Greenpoint neighborhood. Residents will be able to weigh in on how to spend that money to improve the Greenpoint waterfront with the City Parks Foundation over the next weeks.

There are already at least 18 proposals on the table, according to Brooklyn Paper. The ideas range from a pedestrian plaza at American Playground, to a Greenpoint boathouse, to improvements to McCarren Pool, a park bandshell, a skate park, refurbishments on Transmitter Park, trees on McGuinness Boulevard, and improvements on the Pulaski Bridge. Or they could put the money toward the Brooklyn Nyets to use to pay half a year's salary for Carmelo Anthony.