2008_12_gunbb.jpgLast week, Suffolk County announced it was offering $200 Visa gift cards to people who could anonymously bring in in "illegal handguns, sawed-off shotguns, BB guns and air pistols." However, Newsday reports that the police department quickly ran out of the $15,000 in state grant money when 95 guns were turned in—and some people were upset that, after turning in their guns, found out there no money left and were asked them for their names. The police say the officers may have asked for IDs "so they could call them to let them know when additional gift cards have come in," but one miffed woman who turned in her late father's seven illegal guns said, "Anonymous is not 'Give us your name and number and in two weeks you'll get your gift card.'" Now the Suffolk County police say anyone who turns in an illegal gun won't get a gift card—nor will they get their illegal gun back!