Four months after her last broadcast on WNBC 4, legendary local anchorwoman Sue Simmons explained her 2008 f-bomb during a tease for the 11 p.m. broadcast. And she blames it on Chuck Scarborough's love of the INTERNET!

According to the Daily News, Simmons told an audience—at a gala in her honor—"On many a night it was hard to get his attention because he fell in love with his computer thing, his Google thing." So she said, "What the fuck are you doing?" She added, “You know, he still didn't hear me? Everybody in New York heard me, believe you me. I heard from a lot of people."

Al Roker, who was at the event, said, "There is never gonna be another Sue Simmons. So don't try to be Sue Simmons; you'll get your ass kicked." WORD!