The MTA is seeking binding arbitration for its contract with the Transport Workers Union, making the mess between the TWU's union members and the TWU executive management a Bermuda triangle of rhetoric but not too much action. Okay, we exaggerate, but we should have known it was too good to be true that the MTA and TWU agreed on a contract last month. The TWU's members, who rejected the contract that the executive management agreed to, says it won't strike again. Gothamist thinks the failure of the contract means the end of Roger Toussaint as the TWU President - he spent tons of money to get the contract passed and that failed miserably. The TWU doesn't want binding arbitration, so we'll see how fast their internal talks go.

As Gothamist likes to do, we first want to blame the MTA for taking too long to give the TWU an offer and then giving terrible offers they wouldn't even think about - and then we'll blame the TWU for being too fractured to quite function. And we wonder if the catchphrase of this early part of the year will be "wildcat job action" (wildcat meaning not authorized by the union, not the U. Arizona team).

The Daily News looked at three outspoken anti-contract union members Marty Goodman, John Mooney and Ainsley Stewart said no way. And the Times looked at the unusual turn of events post strike.