Congratulations, Red Sox—you've done the nearly unthinkable: You've made Alex Rodriguez, the much-despised alleged HGH user with a 211-game suspension and alleged snitch into someone to feel a little sorry for! Rodriguez was drilled by a second inning pitch from the Red Sox' Ryan Dempster yesterday, who seemingly aimed at Rodriguez.

The Post reports, "Dempster threw one pitch at the ankle of Rodriguez... another near his waist and then plunked him on the left elbow." Dempster denied aiming at A-Rod and remained in the game, but Yankees manager Joe Girardi was livid and complained to the umpire, who threw him out of the game. Girardi said of his ejection, "He should have thrown [Dempster] out. I don’t understand why he’s left in the game and then they give us a warning?"

Then, in the sixth inning, Rodriguez hit one of Dempster's pitches for a home run, which helped the Yankees seal their 9-6 win. Rodriguez said, "Joe’s reaction was amazing. Every single one of my teammates came up to me and said, ‘Hit a bomb and walk it off.’ They were as pissed as I was. That’s just not right." Dickish Red Sox players, bringing Yankees players together!

Rodriguez trotted around the bases to many, many boos from the crowd. As for whether Dempster should get any punishment, A-Rod joked, "I’m the wrong guy to be asking about a suspension," but added, "I’ve got an attorney I can recommend."