The Department of Education announced yesterday evening that city public schools serving 1.1 million students would be closed today due to a winter storm warning and an anticipated 10-14 inches of snow.

No such luck for kids at the controversial, not-for-profit charter school chain Success Academy. The company announced at 5 this morning that students at its 41 New York City schools would have to come in. The only students who would be excused, a school communications person wrote on Twitter 4 1/2 hours later, would be those who "cannot use public transportation." A spokeswoman clarified that this means absences were excused for students who could not make it to school.

But of course it's none of our business, because Success is a private corporation that gets final say-so over how it spends taxpayer money. For example, in the past, the company has repeatedly closed all its schools on fair-weather days to bus students and parents to rallies in support of education policies that affect its bottom line.

Today's decision to force parents and children out into the driving snow against the advice of elected officials drew complaints from parents and teachers. An unnamed teacher told Chalkbeat that only 30 percent of students showed up at her school, and said, "It’s a negative atmosphere. We have lots of families who have long or difficult commutes. There’s no point in having angry teachers teach unhappy kids."

People also voiced their frustrations with the decision online:

Success is canceling today's after-school activities.

In an emailed statement, spokeswoman Nicole Sizemore said, "All 41 Success Academy schools are open today. Our teachers and staff were there to welcome scholars for a day of learning; many of our families have limited or no childcare options and were grateful. We take the safety of our scholars very seriously and respect the decision of families that chose to keep their scholars at home."

Success serves 14,000 students in all. The chain's CEO Eva Moskowitz supported federal education Secretary Betsy DeVos in her recent by-a-hair confirmation. DeVos is a fundamentalist Christian, Republican activist, and billionaire who married into the Amway fortune and has spent prolifically on Republican campaigns, including those of the senators who confirmed her. She has no experience in education, and has dedicated her life to defunding public schools in favor of charter and religious schools in an effort to "advance God's kingdom."