If you've seen any of the MTA's new ads, you may have been alerted to the fact that train countdown clocks have now been activated at 100 subway stations. But did you know that the MTA actually beat its own goal to install 75 by the end of the year? NYC Transit President Thomas Prendergast said in a statement, "This is all about providing information to our customers who may see similar systems in other locations and ask, ‘Why not here?’ Well, we asked ourselves the same thing and we are now moving briskly ahead with this project."

We're not sure if they actually worked overtime on this or if they just underestimated the installations in order to impress us at the end, but either way we now have 100 working countdown clocks along the numbered subway lines (and the L). Officials have also begun a project to bring the countdown clocks to the rest of the lettered lines. However, they will not be equipped with "spoiler alert" signs, so if you want the train's arrival to remain a surprise, we suggest you not look up.