The subway celebrated its 100th birthday in style yesterday, with a one-day only opening of the glorious City Hall Station (closed due to security concerns) with special nostalgia train ride for various city and transportation dignitaries and actors were hired MTA employees wore 1904 period dress and milled around. Mayor Bloomberg was allowed to take controls momentarily on the way to 42nd Street (he said it was "a lot of fun") and everyone was safe. There was only one opportunity for the public to ride the Lo-V train (between 42nd and 137th, after the dignitaries got out), and City Hall Station was only open from 1-3PM. The Mayor, for his part, tried to say again that the MTA should only raise weekly and monthly Metrocard fares after looking every possible solution, while the MTA said they hoped the city and state would kick in more funding.


Unfortunately, news that City Hall Station would be open wasn't really made public until the festivities themselves. Luckily, we have some pictures of City Hall Station at Bluejake. And for an everyday subway moment, check out Meccapixel.