It's like white noise at this point — the NY Post's headline reads: "Expect subway service disaster this weekend." Shocking, shocking news.

The good news, however, is that the Transit Riders Council, an MTA watchdog group, is finishing up their underground study (results of which will be available in early 2010). For weeks they've "monitored trouble spots and found stations without adequate signs as well as seriously delayed trains." Andrew Albert, a member of the council (and the MTA board) explains why they are keeping such a close eye on the service issues, saying, "We're doing this because transit has said that even though all this work is being done on the weekends, that service is staying on a schedule. Our experience is that it's not. The signage is not adequate. There's bedlam." For the next two weekends they'll be taking the stopwatches out on all the letter lines.

While NYC Transit spokesman Charles Seaton declares that "all diversions are reported on the Web," the glitch is that internet typically isn't available once you are standing on a train platform. He also said that in-train announcements are made, but until those are made audible maybe they should hire this lady.