2006_12_6uptown.JPGThere was a cool graphic from the Post today about the number of violations the MTA has issued this year. Even though the subway rules have changed, violations have gone down or stayed the same for things like fare evasion, blocking the doors, littering and smoking, and occupying more than one seats. But the areas that have seen an increase in summons issued: "Riding between cars" and "Unauthorized animals." We figured as much for riding between cars, but what are unauthorized animals? Are they non-service dogs not in their carriers? What's great is that there's also an update about someone who was hit by a summons:

Officer Muhammad Ishra...gave a $50 summons to a woman who put her grocery bag on the seat next to her as she rode an F-train on her way to her Brooklyn home to prepare dinner.

Ishra was not moved by Samantha Hoover's argument that the car was nearly empty and nobody wanted the seat her groceries were occupying.

He told her that didn't matter.

Hoover chose to fight and later that month a hearing officer dismissed the charge.

See, if you fight it, you may win!

And the Post also points out the disparity in punishment while fare-less on the subway versus the LIRR/Metro-North. When LIRR and Metro-North riders don't have fare money, they are invoiced and only about 25% of them pa (whereas straphangers get arrested if they jump turnstiles). However, now the two commuter train agencies will be cracking down on these free riders now. Better late than never!

Photograph of uptown 6 sign by Polish Sausage Queen on Filckr