NY subway; Photo - NY Daily NewsIf you happen to use the subway this weekend, you're forewarned: 18 of the 22 subway lines are undergoing construction. The Daily News lists the diversions, and it makes Gothamist dizzy to think about them. We recommend the "bring a book and add 50% to your journey" formula to combat the service issues. The MTA says, "While we realize the inconvenience this may cause our customers, the work we're performing - replacing rails, switches, upgrading our signal system and rehabilitating our stations - is crucial to keeping the subway system in a continued state of good repair."

In other subway news, riders, unions, and lawmakers want subways to be safer, after the recent F-train fire and heightened terror alerts. Newsday reports that an F-train conductor has never been trained for a fire scenario in his give years there. Also, the MTA has a $186million surplus so they don't think they'll raise fares again, but with the MTA, who knows?