2006_09_czjentrap.jpgOoh, those subway crews outfitting things at subway tunnel entrances may not be performing regular ol' maintenance work - they might be installing the new laser systems for the MTA. Why lasers? To prevent trespassers from entering - and we guess that includes trespassers who just want to pee. One laser system has been installed at one end of a subway tunnel, and the MTA is about to award a contract for the installation of another for the other side. (Is it government agency policy to have different contractors install the same technology? Sort of like triple bidding?)

The laser system will be tested and then the MTA will somehow determine if they're effective enough for the rest of the system. We wonder if there are cameras installed as well, because what if the intruders the lasers detect are just really huge rats? As for where the test lasers are, that's a secret! And subway tunnel security is always a big topic.